One PTP 3RD GEN. Clear Anti Photo Radar Shield License Plate Cover + Bolts & Bolt Caps

Phantom Tag Protector

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Product Features

Our All-New 2023 Phantom Tag Protector 3rd Generation License Plate Cover Privacy Shields are equipped with the latest and greatest features in its class of license plate protectors. These latest 3rd Generation 2023 license plate protectors are equipped with the same protection and effectiveness provided by our 1st Generation 2015 Protectors. However, these 2023 3rd generation covers are shedder-proof, which makes them virtually indestructible. The specialty material incorporated in the manufacturing of these license plate covers allows them be extremely flexible without breaking or cracking.

-Privacy Protection photo-shield Features
-Protect your license plate from rain
-Optional Privacy Protection Features
-Protect your license plate from snow.
-Protect your license plate from damage and fading due to UV sunlight exposure.
-Protect your license plate and registration stickers from easily being stolen or tampered with.

Technical Details
Brand: Phantom Tag Protector Product
Dimensions: 12 x 6 inches (For US. MEX, & CAN)

Package Contents
1 x  2023 3rd Gen. Automobile Clear Phantom Tag Protector Privacy Shield
4 x Chrome Bolt Caps


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