How Phantom Tag Protector Anti Photo License Plate Covers Work?

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Left Side Angle View                          
Phantom Tag Protector works on the principle of disguising automobile license plate characters by  blurring and distorting photo radar and video camera images.  The level of disguising or distortion is dependent on the angular degree at which photographs or videos are being captured from. Essentially, the greater the angular degree, the greater the level of image burring, distortion and disguising.

In the above image of an installed phantom tag protector, photographed from the left side at approximately 110 degree angle, almost all of the characters on this Florida license plate are disguised, and/or distorted. Traffic enforcement cameras, such as red light, speeding, right turn, and stop sign cameras are likewise, positioned at an angle to passing automobiles. As in the image above, photos or videos taken by traffic enforcement camera system of license plate protected by a phantom tag protector will also yield disguised and distorted images.

  Right Side Angle View

  The photograph immediately above depicts a phantom tag protector installed over a New Jersey license plate. This particular photograph was taken from an approximate angle of 35 degrees from the right. As in the first photograph taken from the left, some characters of the license are disguised and/or distorted. This anti photo and anti video feature works also in preventing deliberate or random scanning of license plate characters. Characters that cannot be photographed or video recorded, can neither be scanned.

Overhead/Above View

This traffic enforcement camera photo blocking, video blocking and scanning prevention qualities of phantom tag protector are even more enhanced when images are being captured from overhead and elevated angles. Unlike in the previous photographs taken from just the right and left side angles, the effectiveness of phantom tag protector is maximized when elevated angular degrees are factored into the capturing of images. This is illustrated in the image immediately above depicting a completely disguised license plate by a phantom tag protector.

Eye Level/Straight Ahead View

Amazingly, with all its anti-photo radar, video, scanner blocking qualities, phantom tag protector is stylish and stealthy. Phantom Tag Protector permits your license plate to be completely visible in normal situation when it ought to be. When a license plate is being protected by a phantom tag protector, and being viewed from eye level and straight ahead, such license plate is completely visible to the naked eye and to all photo and video camera systems. This aspect or feature of phantom tag protector is vital, because it allows law enforcement officials to carryout their responsibilities during normal traffic stops, which we're totally in support of. Additionally, this level of permitted license plate viewing aid in concealing the anti photo radar, video and scanner features of phantom tag protectors. Hence, where the word "phantom"  in our company name is derived from.

In Summary, photo-radar and photo-laser operate at known angles to the direction of traffic flow. Using a passive, state-of-the-art light-bending lens, the camera is unable to see the plate numbers, and identify your vehicle. The license plate is still completely readable from straight-on at eye level. Note: We do not encourage nor endorse deliberate disobedience of traffic rules and regulations.

It's designed to fit all US, Canada and Mexico license plates, this multiple angular anti-photo license plate cover blocks view of cameras from side and overhead angles. The "bubble-cover" look enhances the light-bending effect, to create nice looking and highly-effective protection for your car. Guaranteed unbreakable acrylic material that won't yellow overtime.






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