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Does Phantom Tag Protectors really work?

Absolutely and positively YES! Our constantly multiplying customer reviews attest to the fact that our product works. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee and return policies further attest to the fact that our customers' expectations are met and/or exceeded once they received our product.


Can I return my phantom tag protector,after receiving it in the mail, opened it, and not satisfied with the product I've received?

Yes. We have a very customer friendly Return Policy, in addition to our Guarantee Policy. We've yet to come across a customer who have been dissatisfied with our product after opening their delivered item. The high quality, and superiority of our products are readily apparent. Several of our customers unsolicited reviews have attested to this fact. However, we do understand that there is a first time for everything, and if upon receiving one or more of our products you're not completely satisfied, we would like to hear from you. And if a return is your sole desire, we'll gladly grant your request and issue a refund within the guidelines of our Return Policy


Does it matter how my phantom tag protector is directionally installed over my plate?

  Absolutely yes. To be effective, your phantom tag protector must be correctly positioned during installation. However, accomplishing this will be easy since each phantom tag protector has a removable label, which identifies the top, bottom, left and right edges of your phantom tag protector. Please make note of the edges before removing the installation directional label. In the event that the label has been removed and the appropriate edges can not be readily identified, simply place your license plate inside your phantom tag protector, support the two pieces together against a wall, then stand back a few feet and off to the left and right. If your phantom tag protector is correctly positioned, then your license plate characters will partially be blurred/distorted as illustrated on our "How Product Works?" page. Additionally, support cover and plate as previously instructed, but on a low platform below eye level, such as against a baseboard inside your home. Stand almost direct over the cover and plate, and look downward. The characters of your license plate should be blurred, and if it isn’t, then you’ll need to rotate the cover 180 degrees to the next position. 


Are Phantom Tag Protectors easy to install and what tool(s) are necessary?

Yes, phantom tag protectors a very easy to install, and require just a commonly available screw driver. The process involves simply unscrewing you license plate, correctly placing your license plate inside your phantom tag protector, and reinstalling the two using your same license plate screws.

Note: As mentioned in the previous question, Phantom Tag Protector are directional positioning specific, meaning there's a Top and a Bottom; Left and a Right edge. It's nothing to be overly concern with however, because each phantom tag protector is labeled accordingly to ensure proper positioning doing installation.  

"Is it legal to use? Will police give me a ticket for using it?"

It depends on your local State or Province traffic regulation. Generally speaking, as long as your license plate characters are still visible to the police, they won't interfere with you. Most States and Provinces has restrictions on placing anything over your license plate, similar to having tinted car windows, however, these are laws that are rarely, if ever, enforced my law enforcement. 

Furthermore, the cost/fine for getting an obstructed license plate ticket is minimal compare to the actual cost of a traffic enforcement red light or speeding camera ticket. Our Phantom Tag Protector can net you upwards of $500 in savings just from a single traffic camera blocking incident. Please take the time to review our comprehensive "cost of driving with vs driving without a phantom tag protector" comparison chart. Therefore, though it's rare to ever get fined for using a phantom tag protector in the first place, if you do, it might still be economically sound to invest in our product, because of the potential net savings.


Will Phantom Tag Protectors work at toll booth and help drivers avoid paying tolls?

  We have customers who purchased and used our anti photo covers at toll booth, and share their feedback attesting to our anti photo products effectiveness. However, we don't market nor recommend customers to use our product at toll booth to avoid paying tolls for three reasons. 1) Our anti photo covers are effective at blocking photos from camera positioned at an angle to motorists' license plates. Unlike red light and speeding cameras system that only have a single camera positioned at an angle, toll booth camera systems are usually equipped with a strip of multiple cameras. With this multiple camera system, the angular principle by which our products effectively operate is eliminated.

2) Some toll booths may have single camera systems, but this single camera is usually positioned at eye level directly behind motor vehicles. This type of camera positioning also defeats our anti photo license plate image blocker/blurring feature. For greater detail reference our "how product work?" Page at: https://phantomtagprotector.com/how-phantom-tag-protector-anti-photo-license-plate-covers-work/

3) Drivers typically travel through the same toll booths on a regular bases. So effectively obscuring one's license plate may still result in driver getting fines or identified. Learn more at:https://phantomtagprotector.com/blog/phantom-tag-protector-anti-photo-license-plate-blocker-compatibility-with-red-light-speeding-camera-serial-violators/?mc_cid=e7d32a9de9&mc_eid=81a4f0820d

So, in summary, our products are very effective at blocking red light and speeding camera photo images, but may be ineffective at toll avoidance at toll booths.


Other online merchants and at time, our customers often post this question: What measures have we taken to make it possible to offer free domestic and international shipping to all our customers?

The answer to this question is rooted in our constant effects to do more with less. We have looked passed readily available shipping containers (boxes), and shipping packaging materials and resorted to using less expensive, yet just as protective or even more protective, and less weighted shipping containers and packaging materials made from recyclable materials. Yes, this less expensive route results in more work for our packaging and shipping department, but a more satisfied customer base, as a result, makes it all worth it.


Why are Phantom Tag Protector covers priced at such a major discount to its competitors' products?

Phantom Tag Protector as a company truly values its customers, and wants them to save as much of their hard earned financial resources as possible. As much as our customers shouldn't waste their hard earned money on bogus, revenue driven, and unfairly issued automated traffic enforcement tickets, we also believe they shouldn't have to pay an exacerbated amount for any measures to avoid being issued these unjust tickets. So, we've gone the extra mile, or two to keep manufacturing, marketing, and logistic costs at a minimum, and then ultimately pass these savings on to our customers through lower product prices. In addition, even some of our competitors' customers are now benefiting from our efforts, because some competitors have started lowering their prices to match ours or just below ours, after having ridiculously higher prices for years. So, beware of similar products that were once overpriced, and now being marketed at prices just below ours. In the end you will end up with an inferior, quick to turn yellow, and requiring replacing soon product by shopping with such unscrupulous business establishments.


I’ve seen similar products to Phantom Tag Protector’s, on other websites, and being offered for $18.99 or less, and I would like to know if they’re the same as Phantom Tag Protector products?

6/30/2015 Update: price has since increased from $18.99 to $26.99.

Absolutely not, Phantom Tag Protector is the only authorized seller of its products. It has come to our attention that other websites are displaying images know to be associated with our phantom tag protector line of products. However, these websites are simply sub-domain websites of our competitors. Genuine Phantom Tag Protector products can only be obtained from the websites (with or without the www, http:// or https:// attached) phantomtagprotector.com. Any other website displaying products similar to that of ours are simply imitation products that are inferior in quality, performance and appearance. The imitation products are cheaply manufactured from PVC plastic, which makes them susceptible to outdoors environmental conditions, such as UV sunlight, extremely high summer and low winter temperatures. Therefore, unlike Phantom Tag Protector products which are manufactured from 100% acrylic material, these imitation products will succumb to the outdoors by yellowing very quickly, and developing cracks overtime. More importantly, these imitation products aren’t as effective, if at all effective, as our product in accomplishing it’s intended purposes. The true cost of manufacturing these cheap imitation and effective products ranges from $1.50-$3.75. Therefore, these imitation products can be offered at $18.99 or even less, and their sellers can still make a profit. The bottom line is, don’t be fooled into thinking you’ll be getting a great deal by buying these imitation products.

7/25/2015 Update: price has since increased from $18.99 to $23.99 to $26.99.

8/6/2015 Update: price has since increased from $26.99 to $33.99

Image of Imitation Website homepage: FYI: You won't get genuine Phantom Tag Protector.

 The website above was created for the sole purpose of associating genuine Phantom Tag Protector products with that of the inferior products being offered at an inflated price by the website below. Therefore, both websites are under the same ownership and are offering the same inferior product at different price levels of $18 and at $49.99. Their strategy is simply to drain their customers pockets at the highest price possible on one hand, while trying to force competition out of the open market on the other hand. We recommend that you don't look pass these anti-customer and unethical business practices being illustrated here by this company, and avoid them and their inferior products being offered whether at a high price or at seeming a low price.



What is the difference between photo-radar, laser, and regular radar? Are they different?
A. Yes, very different. Photo-radar uses regular radar to measure your speed, and the special camera automatically takes a photo of your vehicle. The photo is then mailed to you with a speeding ticket. You do not get stopped by police at that time.

"Laser" refers to being targeted by a laser gun operated by a police officer. It sends out a laser beam to measure the speed of your car, instead of using radar. If you are speeding, you are stopped immediately and issued a ticket.

Regular radar works by emitting a radio frequency. It was the first type of radar used years ago, and is now used in various frequency bands like X, K, and Ka. Newer radar detectors detect all these frequencies (see paragraph about why radar detectors do not work for Ka photo radar).


Is there a difference between "Laser" and "Laser Radar"?
A. No. "Laser" and "Laser Radar" are commonly used to describe police laser or LIDAR (LightDetection and Ranging).


How is photo-laser different from photo-radar? Do Photo Fog, the Protector, and the Total Eclipse work against the new photo-laser?
A. Photo-laser differs from photo-radar by the way in which your speed is measured. The first uses a laser beam, the other uses conventional radar. The photographs taken by both systems are the same. Photo-laser is more accurate, and is therefore starting to be used world-wide. Yes, our photo radar products will also protect you from photo-laser.


What is "Overhead photo radar" and how does it differ from the regular "side photo radar"?
A. "Overhead photo radar" refers to photo radar taken from above the vehicle, instead from the "side" of the road. In some areas, photo radar is taken from bridges, overpasses, or light poles. "Side photo radar" is always taken from the side of the road.


When Will Our Motorcycle Phantom Tag Protectors Become Available Again?

We're actively working with our new manufacturer in redesigning and ultimately manufacture a brand new line of motorcycle phantom tag protectors. Upon receiving our previous line of motorcycle phantom tag protectors from our previous manufacturer, we came to the realization that they didn't meet the high standard of our Phantom Tag Protector brand of products. Therefore, we had to make a decision that was and continues to be a costly financial decision for our company, by discontinuing their availability, but it was a decision made in the best interest of our customers. We're currently maintaining a list of customers who have expressed interest in our motorcycle phantom tag protectors, and these customers will be among the first to be notified once this line of product becomes available again. Additionally, as progress is being made towards product relaunched date, we'll be making announcements on our social media pages to keep all our followers, and customers alike, informed.

 Update: As of 08/01/15, we have received delivery of our newly designed motorcycle covers.