Phantom Tag Protector Cost Benefit Analysis


                                                       Cost of Driving With A Phantom Tag Protector Installed. Cost of Driving Without A Phantom Tag Protector
Initial Cost         -$39.99 (Initial Investment In The Phantom Tag Protector)
+$39.99 (Not Getting Phantom Tag Protector)
1st Photo Ticket Incident +$100 Savings -$100 Expense
 Attorney's Fee
+$250 Savings
-$250 Expense
Parking Fee At or Near Court Facility +$8.00 Savings -$8.00 Expense
Travel Cost/Gas +$10 Savings -$10 Expense
Time Missed From Work For Court Appearance. +$200 Wage Gain

  -$200 Lost Wage

TOTAL +$528.01 Savings
-$528.01 Expense
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Obviously the above figures aren't consistent with every individual and their perspective location. For instance, individuals salaries, photo ticket fine across different jurisdictions,  and the other expenses listed above are all dependent on each individual and his/her location. Therefore, we encourage you to substitute the above figures with those that are more consistent with your particular location and income level to get a more individualized calculated result. Cost of Ticket By State?

Also consider the other possible loses associating with getting a traffic enforcement photo violation that aren't easy or impossible to express in numeric values:

1) Higher insurance rates; 2) Possibility of losing your license; and if your employment and/or employer requires you to have a valid drivers license, 3) Lost of employment.

 Protect yourself from these major financial setbacks associated with traffic enforcement photo tickets by ordering your Phantom Tag Protector(s) today.