4Th Gen.2023 Phantom Tag Protector Tinted or Clear Cover w/Black or Chrome Frame & Bolts & Bolt Caps | Slightly Cracked

Phantom Tag Protector

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Product Description
This is an amazing opportunity for customers to get our latest most advanced 4th generation automobile license plate phantom tag protectors at a mere faction of MSRP. However, there is a "slight catch", a crack (reference photos to see samples of these slight damages/cracks). See, we have a limited quantity of 4th generation protectors that got slightly damaged during the manufacturing process. In our effort to lessened our overall company's operational carbon footprint, and not needlessly contribute to landfills, we've decided to offer for sale these slightly damaged 2023 4th generation protectors at a significant lower price. It's worth noting that the slight damages to these protectors will not in any way lessened or interfere with the anti photo capability of these 4th generation protectors. This is a great opportunity for new customers to try out our most advanced tag protectors, and for existing customers to make additional purchases at a vastly reduced price. 
Our 4th Generation Anti Photo License Plate Covers are the most advanced anti photo speeding camera red light protective covers available. These latest anti photo Phantom Tag Protectors are equipped with twice the protective capability of our previous models. Unlike our previous models made with a single anti photo lens, these 4th generation models are manufactured with four(4) individual pieces of anti photo lens, which simultaneously, and independently work to maximize protection. With this new design, the angular degree at which the blurring/obscuring effect is activated is drastically reduced. In instanced where our previous model anti photo protectors would obscure a single license plate character, this new 4th generation model will obscure two or more characters. In Scenarios where our previous protector would only obscure two(2) license plate characters, this new 4th generation model will obscure four(4) or more characters (reference comparison photos for illustration). 
Product Features
This All New 4th Generation Protector is 2 x more effective then our previous 2017 1st Generation models. It has Double the protective features listed below:  
 Blocking camera photos of your complete license plate characters.
 Blocking video recording of your complete license plate characters.
 Blocking random or deliberate scanning of license plate characters
 Blocking and interrupting radar signals directed at your license plate.
Technical Details
Brand: Phantom Tag Protector
Product Dimensions: 12 x 6 inches (For US. MEX, & CAN)
Item Weight: 7 Ounces
Included Items/Parts
  • 1 x 4th Gen. Clear or Tinted Anti Photo License Plate Cover (TINTED COVER OPTIONS SOLD OUT)
  • 1 x Chrome Or Black License plate Frame 
  • 4 x Chrome Or Black Bolt Caps & Bolts

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