Powerful Telescopic Slingshot Can Shoot Fish with Sight Professional Outdoor Hunting Equipment Long-range Shooting Slingshot


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Description: Upgrade the slingshot bow head, which can be clamped with a variety of rubber bands, double card rubber bands, and round rubber bands.The protruding design of the bow head is to allow you to step on with your foot, which is convenient for pulling the rubber band and exerting the elasticity of the rubber band to a greater extent. Stainless steel slingshot head + alloy telescopic rod, high quality, sturdy and durable.


Brand Name:MRTNAN

Origin:Mainland China


Bow Type:Compound Bow


Feature 1:hunting fish

Feature 2:fish shooting

Feature 3:catapult shooting

Feature 4:slingshot fish

Feature 5:shooting catapult

Feature 6:catapult fish

Feature 7:slingshot shooting

Feature 8:high power slingshot

Feature 9:fish shooting

Feature 10:catapult hunting

Feature 11:slingshot fish

Feature 12:slingshot

Feature 13:hunting

Feature 14:shooting

Feature 15:outdoor hunting

Feature 16:Red Laser Fishing

Feature 17:High Power Shooting Fishing Slingshot

Feature 18:Straight Rod Telescopic Slingshot

Package Includes:

1 Hunting Slingshot