2022 New Rifle Grip Telescopic Long Rod Slingshot Jungle Hunting Powerful Catapult High-precision Aiming and Shooting


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Description: This slingshot rifle focuses on jungle hunting and is easy to carry. It can be used with laser aiming and aiming more accurately. Support 8 round rubber bands and flat rubber, two rubber bands can be replaced, more powerful. The gun-shaped grip is more stable, feels comfortable, and novices can shoot perfectly, 60CM traction distance, the initial velocity of the steel ball can reach about 300FPS


Brand Name:SYQT

Origin:Mainland China

Bundle:Bundle 3


Model Number:lieying


draw weight:20-29 Pounds



Stretching length:100cm

Outer width:100mm

Inner width:60mm

Slingshot head width:20mm

Package Includes:

1 Hunting Slingshot