Reshipping of Order Returned to Sender

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If you've received instuctions and link to this page to submit payment for the reshiping of your returned to sender order, please selected the corresponding price range that your order total falls under and add product to your shipping cart and then make your purchase. After you've submit payment, the necessary address corrections will be make and a replacement order shipment will then be arragned.

Please note that customers' order delivery addresses are automatically forwarded to our order filfillement centers exactly as they're provided by customers while submitting their orders online. It's the responsibility of each customer to ensure that their provided order delivery address is accurate, complete, and consistent with standard addressing format. Shipped orders that have been returned to us due to customers intentionally or unintentionally providing incorrect, incomplete or non-standardized formated delivery address will be subjected to a reshipping cost equevalent to their originally paid shipping cost, if the customer desires to have a replacement order shipped. 

    If a customer of a "returned to sender" order chooses not to have a replacement order be shipped, this customer's order will then be processed under our written 30-days return policy as a "change of mind" returned order. Under our wriiten 30-Days Return Policy, refunds for change of mind returned/canceled orders are subject to 25% restocking fees and less orignal shipping expenses.