Warm Weather Increased Chances of Getting A Traffic Camera Ticket.

Posted by Phantom Tag Protector on 8th Oct 2023

The protection to privacy and to your financial resources that a Phantom Tag Protector affords you is important to have throughout all seasons. However, these protections afforded to you by a Phantom Tag Protector is even more essential to have during warm and beautiful seasons, such at spring and summer. Motorists' chances of being issued revenue generating traffic enforcement camera tickets significantly increase during periods of warmer, sunnier, and generally more beautiful weather. There are several interrelated reasons for this significant increased chances of photo ticket issuance to motorists. Among these reasons are the fact that motorists commute more frequently, and for longer distances, motorists being more likely to travel in unfamiliar areas and on unfamiliar roadways, and with better weather coming overall better road conditions, which ultimately leads to collective higher rate of travel for vehicles on the roadways.

We all can agree that during periods of beautiful weather conditions, motorist tend to be out and about more frequently, and driving longer distances. This increases time driving can be attributed to motorists aiming to accomplish more outdoors activities, such as ledger travel, visiting friends and family, shopping, visiting entertainment venues, and the like. With this increase in commuting on roadways overly populated with these revenue generating traffic enforcement camera systems, the chance of motorist getting issued one or more photo traffic tickets naturally increase as well.

It's also common knowledge that motorists traveling on less familiar roadways outside of their routine daily/weekly commute routes are more likely to be issued traffic enforcement photo tickets. The reason behind this increased chance of photo tickets issuance can be simply attributed to the fact the motorist traveling on unfamiliar routes are often unaware of the presence of these revenue generating traffic control devices. In accomplishing the outdoors activities previously mentioned above, motorist are most likely traveling on roadways outside of their daily/weekly commute routes.

It's also a given that the rate of traffic flow is generally greater during periods of warmer, and sunnier weather conditions, because roadway conditions are generally significantly better. Experienced motorists wisely continuously monitor their traveling routes roadway conditions, rate of traffic flow, and adjust their individual vehicular speed accordingly. In fact, the rate of overall traffic flow are sometimes above posted speed limits, and while driving at or below a posted speed limit is generally recommended, operating a vehicle at posted speed limits among traffic flowing above that posted speed limit can be an hazard. These revenue gorging photogenic traffic control devices are unable to take such factors into account, and will therefore issue violations to motorists who are operating at a safe speed along with the rate of traffic flow.

Considering the reasons provided above, it's clear to see why motorists are more likely to receive a traffic enforcement photo tickets during periods of warmer and sunnier weather conditions, such as the annual spring and summer seasons. Equipping your vehicle license plates with properly installed Phantom Tag Protectors is a great way to protect your right to privacy while traveling in the privacy of your own automobile, and protecting your hard earned financial resources from these revenue generating traffic control devices.

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