Anti Photo Red Light Speeding Camera Phantom Tag Protector License Plate Lens | COVER NOT INCLUDED

Phantom Tag Protector

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  1. Use to change your regular license plate cover into an anti photo cover.
  2. Use to swap out the damaged anti photo lens in your current anti photo license plate cover. 


Installation is quick and easy. Simply expose the specially designed adhesive tape on each end of the anti photo lens, and affix the lens to the inside of your existing non anti photo license plate cover. If you’re exchanging out an existing anti photo lens, ensure to completely remove the existing lens and thoroughly clear the cover before affixing the new lens. Once the new lens is properly affixed, proceed to install the now anti photo license plate cover onto your vesicles. You’re done!


This anti photo lens is not intended to be use as a stand-alone product. You must either purchase a license plate cover, or already have one to use in conjunction with this anti photo lens.


  • For US, CAD and MEX License Plates Only.
  • 1 x Anti Photo Lens (Ready to be attached to your own existing license plate cover)