2pcs Pack Universal European & Australian Automobile Number License Plate Flipper Bracket Holder

Phantom Tag Protector

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Two pieces set Phantom Tag Protector European and Australian automobile number license plate flipper bracket holders for front and rear.  


  • Fast moves, just need 2 seconds
  • Anti-rust, stable quality, for long term use
  • The license frame was made by high quality car board material, high intensity, never get rust, can completely afford the sunshine, rain, frost and any high-low temperature or worse environment.


There are 4 buttons on the Remote Controller: 1 power button and 3 control buttons (A, B, A/B). Upon pressing power button, the remote LED indicator turns green, and the indicators for the 3 control buttons turn red. At this stage, the system unit is in working state. When you press the control buttons, the flip frame will auto turn. Pressing "A" Button: Front frame controlling. Press ONE time, the front frame auto turn one time. Press the "A" button once again, the front frame will return back to its initial position. Pressing "B" button: Back frame controlling, and works the same as the "A" functionality described above. Pressing "A/B" button: Front and back frames controlling. Work the same as buttons "A" and "B", but this button controls both the front and back frames simultaneously.


  • Brand Name:Phantom Tag Protector
  • Origin:Mainland China
  • Feature:anti-theft
  • Material:ABS
  • Pattern:Brand
  • Item Length:55.4cm
  • Item Width:15.5cm
  • Model Name:617117486079
  • Item Type:Registration Plate Holder
  • Item Weight:3.66kg
  • Model Year:2022

Package Includes:

  • 2 Plate System - 1 Plate For the Front, and 1 Plate For the Rear
  • 4pc Cable Tree Plug and Play
  • 1pc Control Unit
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Bag of Mounting Screws