1080P HD Binocular Night Vision Device Infrared 5x Digital Zoom Hunting Telescope Full Dark 300m Viewing Distance

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Description: This night-vision device can be used to observe objects in the dark and low light situation. The viewing distance in the low light environment will be 3.0 meters to infinite, and 200~300 meters viewing distance in the dark environment. This device is suitable for outdoor traveling, huntings, animal observation and so on. If you're interested in it, come on and have a try, it will not let you down.



Objective Lens Diameter:-

Eyepiece diameter:-

Field of View:-


Water Resistance Level:IPX4

Origin:Mainland China

Model Number:1080P Binocular Telescope Infrared Night Vision Device

Package Includes:

Without Memory Cards Packing List:

1 * Night-Visions Device

With Memory Cards Packing List:

1 * Night-Visions Device

1 * Memory Cards