Stainless Steel Professional Hunting Slingshot with 12 Strands of Rubber Band Powerful Outdoor Shooting


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Description: Material: Stainless Steel and aluminum, Rubber band: 12 strands, Color: Blue, black Weight: 1300g, Length: 88cm, Slingshot head width: 79mm, Slingshot head height: 99mm, Usage: outdoor hunting shooting, fishing, outdoor shooting games, shooting practice. 


Brand Name:Piaoyu

Origin:Mainland China

Type:Bow & Arrow Set


Feature 1:Shooting fish slingshot set

Feature 2:Laser slingshot

Feature 3::Slingshot

Feature 4::Bow

Feature 5:Estilingue

Feature 6:Hunting

Feature 9:Slingshot hunting

Package Includes:

1 Hunting Slingshot