Stainless Steel Black Telescopic Slingshot Upgrade Bow Head Laser Scope Hunting Fishing Bow Catapult for Outdoor


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Description: Material: Stainless steel slingshot head + alloy telescopic rod, Weight: 855g, Length: 64.5cm(25.39 inch), Stretched length: 127cm(50 inch), Outer Width: 94mm(3.7 inch), Inner width: 44mm(1.73 inch), Slingshot head width: 25mm (0.98 inch),


Brand Name:MRTNAN

Origin:Mainland China

Bundle:Bundle 2


Bow Type:Compound Bow


draw weight:20-29 Pounds

Material:Stainless steel slingshot head + alloy telescopic rod


Stretched length:127cm

Slingshot head Outer width:120mm

Slingshot head Inner width:40mm

Slingshot head weight:242g

Feature 1:hunting fish

Feature 2:fish shooting

Feature 3:catapult shooting

Feature 4:slingshot fish

Feature 5:shooting catapult

Feature 6:catapult fish

Feature 7:slingshot shooting

Feature 8:high power slingshot

Feature 9:fish shooting

Feature 10:catapult hunting

Feature 11:slingshot fish

Feature 12:slingshot

Feature 13:hunting

Feature 14:shooting

Feature 15:outdoor hunting

Feature 16:Red Laser Fishing

Feature 17:High Power Shooting Fishing Slingshot

Feature 18:Straight Rod Telescopic Slingshot

Package Includes:

1 Hunting Slingshot