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Great Experience All Around
  Product as described. Fast shipping. Packaged nicely. Great Seller.
  By: Kenneth H. of Chicago, IL 06/22/2017
Great Seller & Product As Described
  Great seller, super fast shipping and the product was received as described
  By: Daniel C. of Old Forge, PA 02/16/2017
Easy & Fast Transaction!
  Easy and fast transaction! Good product and quality. Thank you!
  By: Khelson S. of Lemoore, CA 02/02/2017
#1 Seller Highly Recommended
  This seller is number one. I would definitely recommend others to buy from him.
  By: Dany P. of Maspeth, NY 02/01/2017
100% Good Quality Product
  ?%good quality product!extream ? quickly shipped,.good customer support great!
  By: Carlos M. of Tulsa, OK 01/30/2017
"A" Plus
  By: Joe K. of Strongsville, OH 01/12/2017
Fast Shipping
  Excellent Seller, Fast Shipping, Would Recommend A++
  By: Cristian L. of Ridgewood, NY 01/20/2017
These Things Work Like A Charm 
  these things work like a charm, i havent gotten a camera related ticket since i...
  By: Marc E. of Brooklyn, NY 12/29/2016
Great All Around 
  Great item great seller great experience
  By: Amado E. of Gaithersburg, MD 12/12/2016
Extremely Helpful Seller 
  The first package was lost in transition. The seller was extremely helpful. A+
  By: Francisco R. of Los Angeles, CA 11/17/2016
Better Than I Expected
  Great Packing, It looks like better than I expected. Thank you....
  By: Jim T. of Torrance, CA 11/01/2016
1-2-3 Received Damaged Replacement
  Received damaged, replaced very quickly
  By: Robert S. of Fort Walton Beach, FL 11/15/2016
Your Website
  I just purchased two license plate protectors. Your website for online purchasing is excellent!!! rde
  By: Robert E. of New Hope, PA 10/15/2016
Product as Described
  Product as described, fast shipping. Great seller!
  By: Kenneth H. of Chicago, IL 10/14/2016 
  By: Greg P. of Denver, CO 10/14/2016
  By: Joel S. of La Porte, IN 10/06/2016 
AAA Plus
  AAA plus Ebayer... great item ......
  By: Edward R. of Brooklyn, NY 09/27/2016 
  Great seller. A+
  By: S. Hughes. of Cleveland, OH 09/26/2016 
Nice Product
  Very quick delivery and nice product
  By: Abel T. of Washington, DC 09/23/2016 
Good Seller.
  Good seller, will do business again
  By: Shawn M. of Metro, DC 09/06/2016 
Five Stars
  5STARS!Fantastic seller,fast,professional & hopeful. Fast shipping!
  By: Larissa D. of Jesse, WV 08/29/2016 
Quick Delivery.
  Fast delivery, wish they sent the longer bolts needed
  By: Victor F. of Knoxville, TN 08/27/2016 
It Will Work Just Fine
  Super fast shipping. Thanks. Looks like it will work just fine
  By: Brian O. of Perrry, OH 08/18/2016 

Very Satisfied

Accurate description, would do business with seller again..
By: K. Amaker of Bronx, NY 08/09/2016
Good communication,prompt delivery
By: A. Guidotti of Staten Island, NY 08/02/2016
Thanks Kirk
Just want to especially say thanks to Kirk Scott for patiently emailing me back and forth to guide me through the ordering process. Loving the products I've ordered. Thank you Sir! 

  By: Clarke C. of El Paso, TX 07/11/2016
Product of the year in by book
These anti photo covers work miracles by saving us from our hard earned money. My wife & I love having them on our cars.
  By: Craig Perez. of Bronx, NY 06/21/2016
Work Well So Far.
Thanks guys, my phantom tag protectors are working great so far. Only regret that I didn't get them earlier. 
  By: Tucker J. of Columbus, OH 06/09/2016
Wow..! It Actually Works.
  Yes, since I've had my tag protector installed, I've not received another photo ticket notice. Many thanks guys!
  By: James L. of Edmunston, CAD 05/27/2016 
Very Satisfied. Thanks!
  Very satisfied with my purchase. Quick and well packaged delivery.
  By: Paul E. of Calgary, CAD 05/16/2016 
Mistakely Didn't Believe It Would Work!
  I found these anti photo covers to actually be effective in blocking traffic camera photos. 
  By: R. Erickson of Los Angeles, CA 04/05/2016 
Lighten Fast Shipping!
  Ordered two and couldn't believe the delivery speed until I opened package and confirmed it's content. More importantly, I've yet to get stopped for having them installed and no more tickets in my mailbox. Woo...Hoo...!  
  By: P. Stevens of Elmont, NY 03/29/2016 
Exactly What I Wanted.
  Thanks guys! I've been trying to figure out a way to stop getting robbed off by these revenue gorging camera systems. These covers are exactly what I've been looking for.
  By: M. Ford of Riverdale, GA 03/11/2016 
Thanks For Restocking Opportunity
  Bought quite a few of them to resell locally. Thanks for the major discounted sale. Great customer service too, I must add.
  By: T. Shield of Calgary, AB 02/17/2016 
Unbelievable Shipping Speed.
  Thanks a billion! Awesome $$$ Saving product (these cameras were putting holes in my wallet) and quickly delivered.  
  By: M. Clay of North Bellmore, NY 02/04/2016 
Great Product @ Affordable Price + Free S&H.
  Purchased my 1st one just over a year ago, and it's still looking great. Recently bought two more at a discount, which came with free shipping and gift items included. Thanks...!
  By: P. Clarke of Ottawa, ON 01/24/2016 
Phantom Tag Protectors Work.
  Finally Found A Traffic Camera Blocker That Works. I've unsuccessfully Tried Other Products, But Only Phantom Tag Protector Works. YES..!
  By: P. Moyer of Long Island, NY 01/02/2016 
Lightening Fast Delivery
  Got it delivered a few days ago, which was less than 3 business days after order was placed. Thanks for the quick service!
  By: L. Coleman of Washington, DC 12/31/2015 
Great X-MAS Gift Idea In deed. 
  Purchased a few recently and gave them away as gifts and nothing but raving reviews thus far. I've had mine for a while now and came to trust it, so I know my gift recipients will continue raving about them.
  By: K. Jackson of Denver, CO 12/27/2015 
Great Product and Reasonably Priced
  Your anti photo covers are awesome and working as described. My dates of getting ripped off is over. Haven't had a photo ticket since instillation about 6 months ago.  Caught them on sale as well.
  By: M. Jones of Long Beach, NY 12/17/2015 
Safe and Prompted Shipment
  Our purchased item arrived well packaged and on time. No complaints to report thus far. Thx..!
  By: C. Jackman of Tucson, AZ 12/07/2015 
Awesome Product That Works
  Went from getting at least one photo traffic ticket per month to not getting any at all. I've been using my phantom tag protectors now for four months, ticket free. Thank you!
  By: N. Gebretsadik of Queen, NY 12/02/2015 
Thanks Scott For Awesome Customer Service.
  There was a slight delay in getting my order, seemingly due to the busy holiday season. I contacted Phantom Tag and spoke with Scott who reassured me that my package was on it's way. Got my package 2 days later with no further issues. Thank you!
  By: C. Girard of Calgary, AB 11/24/2015
Gifts For Friends & Coworkers
Been using Phantom Tag Protector for some time now, and it works amazingly. No ticket since installation. I've stocked up on a few to give to my friends/coworkers this holiday season.
  By: Chris L. of Miami, FL 11/15/2015
5 Stare
wow, that's great, thank you so much! Excellent customer service, 5 star! Smiley Face.
  By: Robert B. of Bronx, NY 10/29/2015

1 X Anti Photo, Video, Scanner, and Radar License Plate Protector

 In this day of age, this is a product that pays for it self. Especially for those living in Long Island. With cameras basically on every corner the littlest mistake can cost you big dollars. My order was swiftly processed and delivered on time. Even though there was an issue where I had to make an exchange their prompt and consistent communication made it no sweat. It's a very effective product and I would recommend it to anyone!
  Joe H. of N. Bellmore, NY 10/15/2015
A Great Product, At A Great Price.
I wish I had know about these covers before, I would have saved hundreds of dollars. Better later than never though, because these cameras are seemingly everywhere you turn in Long Island, and they are constantly increasing on a monthly bases. All in the name of revenue collection, a mean "safety". This product is well under-priced when considering the amount you'll save. 

  By: Andrew K. of Elmont, NY 09/09/2015
Great Customer Service Friendly Oriented Staffs
Several staff members at phantom tag protector were very helpful and understanding when I called and emailed them to report that one of the covers I ordered arrived damaged. The replacement process was painless and quick. Thx! 

  By: George H. of Richardson, TX 09/04/2015
Incredibly Fast Shipping and Order Status Update.
You guys' internal operation and logistics are on point, to say the least. Package shipped within an hours of placing my order, delivery made within 2 days, and email order status updates were very helpful. You guys rock!  

  By: Joe C. of Long Beach, NY 08/30/2015
Finally, A Cover That Actually Works.
After trying several other anti photo measures that failed to get the job done, a coworker recommended Phantom tag Protectors. I'm glad I took his words at face value, because my phantom tag protector has been working just as he promised it would.  I got flashed over a month ago with my cover installed and no mail box surprises thus far.  I've just ordered another one for my wife's car.
  By: Harry P. of Lakeland, FL 08/21/2015
Yes...! Got My Anti Photo Motorcycle Cover Finally.
You guys at phantom tag protector took a while to get these covers in, and available for purchase. I thought the summer would actually come to an end before their availability, but you guys came through.  They work just a well as the ones I'd purchased a while back for our vehicles. Thank you'll. 

  By: Jose W. of Brooklyn, NY 08/04/2015
Thanks For Implementing Free Shipping To Canadians
I'm been a repeat customer of phantom tag protector for some time now and I always buy in bulk to resell and distribute some as gifts to friends and relatives. However, The cost of shipping was a burden, so I sent you'll a request to implement a free shipping option for customers in Canada, and at the time I honestly doubt that my email was going to even be read, much less the request in its content being considered at all. I was apparently too pessimistic, because I received an email two days ago notifying me that Phantom Tag Protector is now offering free shipping to Canada after "seriously considering my suggestion and weighting the pros and cons". I've not sure if my request was the only factor that ultimately prompted this change, but  it's a welcome change nonetheless. Thanks, and I will be placing another bulk order soon.

  By: Roderick S. of Saskatoon, Canada 07/16/2015
I've Received Mind & I've Gone Phantom
Great Shipping Speed fellows, because the delivery date caught me by surprise. Another thing that I was surprise at is the low international shipping cost. I'm an international merchant myself, and I'm familiar with the actual cost of shipping internationally, so I know these guys are actually discounting their shipping to international customers. Lastly, great packaging of product also, because my items arrived totally undamaged. Fabulous work!  

  By: Earl S. of Alberta, Canada 06/17/2015
Five Stars All Around
Great products, fair prices, fast free shipping and a free gift to top it off. What more is there to ask for. I'm beyond satisfied with my purchase. Absolutely no regrets to speak of. Thank you'll so much!

  By: John H. of Lorton, VA 05/31/2015
I Highly Recommend These Phantom Covers
These anti photo radar protectors are beyond awesome. My wife came across the company online and purchased two, a clear one for her car and a tinted one for my all blacked-out charger. I initial thought the purchase was a bad investment , until I realized the covers definitely enhances the appearances of our vehicles, and more importantly, we stopped getting those annoying and expensive mailbox surprises.

  By: Carl M. of Milford, OH on 05/25/2015
Great Customer Service
After ordering four phantom tag protectors, my order confirmation email and shipping confirmation email both ended up in my spam folder. So two days after, I contacted the company and spoke with Scott regarding the status of my order. From the start, Scott was very apologetic, helpful and remained professional during our conversation. He assisted me in locating the confirmation emails, showed me how to track the package online and assured me that my package will likely be delivered the following day. Sure enough, the morning of the following day, my package arrived safe and sound.  Great job Scott, company referrals from me is a must.   

  By: Billy D. of Memphis, TN on 05/13/2015
I'm Rolling Like A True Phantom Now!
I couldn't believe that these phantom tag protectors actually work, but they do. On my daily commute home, I often make a right turn on red at a photo enforced red light intersection, which is legal in my area. However, I sometimes still get a ticket in the mail for a supposed red light violation at this particular intersection. Although I almost always get these supposed red light  violation tickets dismissed, I got tired of having to take time off work to actually show up for a court hearing. So, I decided to purchase these phantom tag protectors and install them. Guess what? problem solved! it's been over 2 months now since I've been making these same legal right turns on red with my phantom tag protectors installed and I've yet to receive another traffic photo enforcement violation in my mailbox.  Thanks!!!!

  By: Will S. of Long Island, NY 04/30/2015
Couldn't Ask For A Better Product.
The topnotch  quality of these phantom tag protectors I ordered was immediately apparent upon receiving delivery. My previous two were purchased from another company about 7 months ago, and they started having a yellowish color shade to them. A friend recommend phantom tag protector, because he has one for over a year now and isn't experiencing the same discoloration mine were. My new phantom covers look, and feel a lot more durable than my previous anti photo cover. The anti photo lens on them blends in well with the license plate clear color, and professionally cut and integrated with the overall license plate cover. So, Unlike my previous one, the anti photo lens on these phantom covers are virtually undetectable. Awesome Work Fellows!!!!

  By: Scott F. of SK, Canada 04/19/2015

Excellent product and thank you'll.
I did a lot of research before ultimately deciding on purchasing two phantom tag protectors. I came to realized that their product actually works, they had the best price, and they were offering free shipping at the time. Therefore, I was very confident in buy from them from the beginning. We're very happy with the product and have recommended others. These cameras, revenue generators, in our hometown are seemly everywhere, and we needed an unofficial fix. 

  By: Sims of Nevada on 04/07/2015
So far, so good. Ticketing has stopped.
  So far, these covers are functioning as advertised, and we're very satisfied with our purchased. Fast delivery, and a very smooth transaction with prompt order status notifications. Also, the price was unbeatable, because we paid for international shipping and our total cost was still less than what a Canadian company was charging.  Thanks.
  By: Lester of  AB, Canada on 03/21/2015
Awesome product. Got two for our cars. Can't wait for the ones for motorcycles are available.
I purchased two a while back for our cars and they are working awesomely. Just got one ticket while riding my motorcycle just a few days ago, and it reminded me to revisit the phantom tag protector website. according to their site, they'll have them available soon. CAN'T WAIT....!
  By: Floyd of Staten Island, NY on 03/17/2015
Used the photo blocking spray, but it didn't work. I think this cover is the answer to stopping these F**King tickets.
I'm still not completely 100% sure this cover will work, but I believe that it's working. Here's why, I've being using them for 4 months now and I haven't revived a ticket yet. I used to get one at least every three months, consistently for the last year. I got two while using that damn spray. I hoping I don't get any using the phantom Tag cover, and If I do, I'll be returning it guys. Sorry, that's what you'll guarantee policy says.  
  By: Julio S. of TX on 03/09/2015
I thought delivery would've taken forever, but it did not.
Thanks for the same day shipping with tracking included phantom tag. Our order was processed, and tracking confirmation sent almost immediately. We got the covers in less than a week, and thanks to the tracking delivery feature, we were able to track our package up to the very day of delivery. Great service guys. Thanks a million.
  By: Frank G. of  BC, Canada  on 02/25/2015
Great product at a great price.
Hey guys, don't take this as an hint to start jacking up the prices on these phantom tag protectors, but compare to how much others are charging, you guys have the best prices I came across anywhere. Hell, I brought 6 and sold 4 to my neighbors at a profit to cover the cost for my two. Never them nor I have received any tickets since we've been using them.
  By: Rickie of Illinois  on 02/10/2015
The perfect solution to radar, laser, and camera systems
This product works as it is advertised. With the exception of straight on at eye level, it masks the letters and numbers on your plate from various angles. My A** is finally save! I now feel I have one up on the system that’s out to split me and my hard earned $$$. Thanks for this great product bud!

  By: Josef Mahmud of Florida on 02/01/2015
Thanks!  Phantom Tag Protector
I’ve seen others similar to this, but I ordered two of these phantom tag covers, and they arrived brand new, well packaged, and delivered with lighten fast speed. These are by far the best ones I ever came across. The disguising feature is very stealthy and discrete.
  By: John Nissanian of Virginia on 01/28/2015
I wish I’d discovered this product before now.
I had doubts about the claimed effectiveness of this product. However, after having it installed on my vehicle, and realizing that it actually works, I immediate purchase another for my wife’s car. This is among the best purchases I’ve ever made. The amount of money we’ll save makes them worth the upfront cost.
I’m simply tired of throwing away our hard earn money due to corrupt officials, law enforcement, illegal law, and mega corporations. They’re preying on the average citizens to keep their personal coffers overflowing, all while our country is in deep debt. I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone.
  By: Rob of Long Island, NY on 01/10/2015
I refuse to drive without one covering at least my rear tag
I’ve purchased my two phantom tag protectors a little over one year now, and I must say I have no regrets. I live in Long Island, NY and travel to NYC on a daily bases. They’ve saved my butt several times. I know this because NYC is infiltrated with revenue generating traffic cameras and I specifically recall getting flashed multiple times and never received any ticket in my mailbox. Also, I’ve been on the roads on multiple occasions with police cruisers following directly behind me, and I’ve never gotten stopped for have my phantom tag protectors on. I’m guessing that for as long as my plate is completely legible to officers, they don’t have any reason to pull me over. Furthermore, the fine for having an improperly display plate is minimal compare to the hefty fines assess for photo camera tickets. I remember having a rental for two weeks while my car was in the shop, and I simply transferred the covers during those two weeks.
  By: Michael Alvarez of Huntington, LI on 12/21/2014
LOL…! This is the Sh*t and definitely a must have.
A phantom tag protector is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I came across several other similar ones on, but I got two directly off for what it would cost me to purchase just one off Amazon. I think I got a great deal on these and they absolutely work as described. I can cruise through BK at ease now, and not have to worry about getting one of those annoying photo tickets.

  By: Sean Anderson of Brooklyn, NY on 12/05/2014
My friends and I were skeptical at first. Not anymore.
We were hesitant to purchase this product, but after reviewing the company return and 100% guarantee policies, we decided to purchase six. We never had to bather returning any of them because they work perfectly. These phantom tag protectors are gifts from heaven. We’ve had them for about 2 years now and they have already paid for themselves in the form of saving from not getting any more camera enforcement tickets.
  By: Kris & Friends of PA on 10/27/2014
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