70° Oscillating Electric Heater for Indoor Use Digital Thermostat Portable Personal Heater PTC Ceramic Heater

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This Dreo compact electric heater doesn't take up much space and it's useful for those who want direct, personal warmth. Coming with a large hexagon metal mesh that helps distribute heat quickly and efficiently, this energy-efficient beast also features an adjustable digital thermostat, easy-to-wash filter, 12h timer, and 70° oscillation, to help you create a comfortable warm zone even in the coldest months. The pre-installed dust filter blocks out dust, pollens and airborne particles to give you clean, warm air. It's easy to remove and wash. No tool required. Built-in auto off timer allows you to select a time from 1 to 12 hours for the heater to turn off at a certain time, saving you more on energy bills while you're asleep.


  • Brand Name:PDQ
  • Use:Bedroom
  • Use:Garden
  • Use:Living Room
  • Origin:Mainland China
  • Electric Heater Type:Fan Heater
  • Power:>2000W
  • Certification:CE

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Space Heater